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Atlantic Challenge – week 4

Here’s the latest upate from the Oarsome Foursome :

What we’ve heard this week
It’s been quite an exciting week. The 4am* update on Monday December 6th showed the girls with 1,300nm miles to go – what the land crew decided was HALF WAY!! And they had rowed 68nm in 24 hours!! Well done Bird, Mo and Claire! You are OARSOME!

* Yes I was awake then, checking the app!

On Tuesday I messaged Bird, not really expecting an answer, but asked her if she was up to much today. Doing a bit of rowing perhaps?

And later in the evening got this response: “Bit of rowing and seeing ORCAS. I was rowing and it breached right by my oar! Oarsome xxx.” 😍

How amazing is that? OARSOME INDEED!!!

The weather in the last week, although at times exhibiting “washing machine” tendencies, has been mostly on their side with a good wind behind them so they have been doing some cracking 60nm+ days. As of 8am this morning they have 1,048nm to go!

People have started asking if we have an expected ETA in Antigua for the girls now. The tracking app (YB Races, see below) and website show two ETAs – one based on their speed (VMG) over the distance so far and one on their recent VMG. So around the 29th or 30th Jan at the moment. “

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