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Why is The Bran Tub aiming to become vegan?

Dear The Bran Tub customers,

wanting to wish you all a happy start to the new year and to officially update you of some exciting changes that have been happening at the shop over the past six months! Back in July, I made the decision, as the owner of the shop, to turn ‘The Bran Tub’ from a 100% vegetarian store to a 100% vegan one. This is a personal decision, as I am vegan myself and now don’t feel comfortable profiting from animal products, even free-range, organic and local ones. Of course, after 40 years of supporting these types of ethical businesses, I still believe that if an individual chooses to consume animal products that these are absolutely the best kind of producers and farmers to buy from and support and thankfully our lovely local suppliers of such products, (which we have forewarned about our decision), have been very supportive and understanding; a testament to these businesses! As some customers have asked about our charity tin at the till we also want to address this. We will be keeping our Compassion in World Farming donations tin, not only because of our personal connection to the charity but because I do still agree with the principles of said charity i.e. if one does choose to eat meat/consume dairy etc. then the animal that produces those products should be treated humanely. But as stated, although I agree with CIWF’s principles, that if one is not vegan then free-range is best, I feel that I cannot on a personal level profit from animal agriculture. I would like to make clear that I am certainly not casting judgment by shifting my business from a vegetarian to a vegan one and as stated this is a personal decision based on my own feelings which are primarily concerned with animal welfare and the environmental effects of animal farming. I am not perfect and nor is our store but we are doing what we feel is right for us and we do hope that our customers old and new will enjoy the new ranges of vegan produce that we are now stocking/will stock. If you visit us in-store then we do have more information about this decision which any of the staff in-store can give you. If you would like to recommend a vegan product for our shelves or have a query about a product that we are stopping please do ask our staff too. However, if you do have any deeper concerns, questions or queries about the shop’s shift in direction then please do feel free to email me directly on the address below. Finally please note, we are currently a majority vegan store and will be phasing out any non-vegan products still on our shelves and in our chillers as the year progresses. Thanks again for your support over the years and happy 2020!

Best wishes, Gillian Silverthorn OWNER (

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