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Environmental Impact

Here’s a statement from the owner of The Bran Tub about environmental issues :

To our Bran Tub customers

We very much appreciate our customers’ concerns about single use plastic packaging. We can assure them that this is an issue very close to our hearts, as is our impact on the environment in other ways.

This is a very hot topic due to the high profile media attention which has given it a real sense of urgency and rightly so. However, it’s not a new concern for us. For example we made a unilateral decision to stop using plastic shopping bags about 20 years ago.

But what are we doing about plastic right now ?
We are working with our suppliers to eliminate single use plastic in our store. Development of plant based plastic free packaging has been ongoing for a decade or more and is now finding it’s way to the market place. For example; we stock Alara porridge in a cardboard outer with a compostable inner film.  We also have a range which uses plastic free compostable packaging (CLF/Just Natural). And we understand there are more packaging innovations in the pipeline for the near future from major suppliers.

We currently sell many items in bulk sizes therefore reducing waste.

At the moment we are not planning to provide a ‘bring your own container’ section in the near term but we have not ruled it out entirely. In fact, 30 or so years ago this was part of our store but for various reasons we discontinued this type of operation. We believe compostable or recyclable packaging to be a better solution.

Whilst we are making progress towards our shop being free from single use plastic as a matter of urgency, we hope our customers can appreciate that as a small business we need to plan these changes carefully and remain a viable business whilst we make the transition.

Going Vegan

The Bran Tub has been totally vegetarian for over 3 decades. And whilst this is a very positive position for the environment and animal welfare we believe the time is right to move to being 100% vegan. We already stock many vegan options but have made this commitment because we cannot, in all good conscience, continue to be involved with animal produce – for the sake of the animals and the planet. Once more this will require careful planning to transition to a vegan shop and we hope our customers will understand and support us.

Yours sincerely, Gillian Silverthorn (owner)

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