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Not The London Marathon

Last Sunday Gillian Silverthorn should have been running the London marathon as a personal challenge and to raise money for Save the Rhino. It was of course cancelled due to covid-19. So instead this Saturday 2nd May she will be attempting the marathon challenge in her own back garden due to the covid-19 restrictions. On the patio to be exact! It will take approximately 2000 laps of the patio to cover the 26.2 miles of the marathon.
If you want to watch on social media then there will be a live facebook stream on Gill’s facebook page from 08:45 and Gill will start the ‘elite women’s race’ at 08:55.
Gill anticiaptes that she will average 4 miles an hour give or take(20 minutes per mile) so she’ll be passing London’s virtual landmarks as below (approximately):
Cutty Sark   11:00
Tower Bridge   13:20
The London Eye  17:20
Big Ben/Houses of Parliament  17:30
Buckingham Palace   17:40
Finish on The Mall  17:44
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